You've completed the You vs. Google Challenge! What's the next step?

It is time! Enlist in the elite rebellion and join forces with other Google Ads professionals to combat the Evil Empire.

Defeating the Empire is not something any of us will be able to do alone. Triumph will require that we all work together, pool our resources and collective brain power, and come together as rebels with the same cause and a common enemy.

That's the exact purpose of the "You vs Google" Rebellion!


Unite with the Galaxy's Premier Google Elite

Join forces with seasoned marketing Pros and trailblazing entrepreneurs from across the cosmos, ones who have traversed the paths you seek and prevailed over the tribulations in your future.


Post Questions;

Receive Wisdom

Unearth insights, decode mysteries, and accept sincere and impartial counsel from adept strategists and command officers from Solutions 8 and other members of the Rebellion.


Accomplish Your Mission | Outpace Rivals

Engage in pivotal dialogues focused on the central trials of your enterprise at regular intervals. Learn not just the tactics of the present, but also the imminent strategies of the Rebellion.


The rebellion is a perfect fit for freelancers, in-house Google Ads managers, and even small agencies. As long as you're actively managing Google Ads accounts and refuse to accept the force-fed recommendations from Google.

That's because Google's darkest secret is to coerce marketers to spend MORE credits and maximize your value to them as a customer.

Indeed, they might do this in ways seemingly of high integrity, and within a system that presents as a meritocracy.

But that meritocracy is grounded in an order that is not built in favor of the Rebellion.

As we often echo in the corridors, it's YOU versus the Google Empire.

Regrettably, you can't overthrow Google ALONE. No one can.


Acquire wisdom, insights, and access to classified intel from in-house strategists and premier marketers across the cosmos.

Query and receive enlightenment, anywhere, anytime.

Vanquish blind spots, identify hidden blockades, and implement battle-tested strategies tailored to your campaigns.

If you wish to command and oversee Google Ads campaigns on a master level...

And evade the snare that the Google Empire crafted to obstruct you from achieving the prime outcomes for your accounts (while they extract every credit they can from you)...

Then YOU MUST enlist in the rebellion!

  • You believe you’re a top 3% marketer

  • You’ve managed at least $10k budget per month

  • You’ve never blindly applied Google Empire's recommendations


Weekly calls and Q&A sessions

Be the first to get insider strategies that we will never share publicly.

Calls will have a combination of the following: 

  • General Google Ads discussion

  • Live account reviews

  • Q&A sessions

  • Strategy updates

Recordings and insider resources 

If you can't attend the live calls, that's okay!

Everything will be recorded and housed in a private, searchable member's area for easy reference.

We'll also share internal resources and trainings not available to the public.

Access to a Private Slack Group

Join our exclusive Slack group so you can communicate back and forth with other members, share secrets and experiences, and get the help you need––anywhere, anytime. 


I regularly watch your YouTube videos, especially your Google Ads Power Hour. How is this mastermind different?

You can watch our YouTube videos or read our books, and you’ll learn a TON.

But what makes this mastermind different is it’s interactive.

You’re not just receiving information, you’re also participating – it’s a conversation.

You’ll have the opportunity to talk about your problems, things that can’t be answered by a simple comment and may require someone diving deep into your account.

You’ll find the hidden bottlenecks and apply optimizations specific to your campaigns. 

And lastly, you’ll get practical and personalized advice from our strategists, account executives, and other marketers who are in the trenches, every week.

How long will these weekly calls take?

The weekly calls should take around 60-90 minutes.

I’ve managed multiple $10k-$20k monthly budgets before, will I get accepted?

As much as we’d like to, most strategies we’ll share are geared toward larger-budget accounts. This means these strategies may not be applicable to smaller-budget accounts. 

What is my commitment as a member? 

There is no commitment or lock-in period. You can cancel/leave at any time.

What happens after I submit my application?

The application process is straightforward and consists of two steps.

Step 1: Fill out and submit the application form below. The form is important as 90% of applicants are filtered based on the information provided. It is crucial to provide honest and accurate answers to save everyone's time.

Step 2: If your answers meet the qualifying criteria, a senior member will personally contact you to discuss your experiences. This step is essential for maintaining a high-quality community.

Once you successfully complete the two-step application process, you will receive an invitation to join the mastermind.




If you want to:

  • Share insights, seek guidance, and exchange valuable ideas with fellow mastermind members

  • Get personalized feedback to help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact

  • Seek clarification on specific strategies, and tap into the wisdom of our experienced strategists, account executives, and community members

  • Be informed about the latest breakthroughs, algorithm changes, and emerging trends in Google Ads

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